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Leonid I. Perlovsky

Dr. Perlovsky is President and Managing member of Ascent Capital Management, LLC. He is an inventor of the Modeling Field Theory technology, a novel mathematical technique that is a backbone of the Ascent money management, risk reduction, and market prediction algorithms. Preliminary development of this technology was performed at Nichols Research Corporation (a half-billion dollar US defense contractor), where Dr. Perlovsky served as Chief Scientist from 1986 to 1999. At Nichols, Dr. Perlovsky led a number of DoD funded efforts in which military applications of this technology to recognition and prediction of targets and signals was perfected. During the last five years he has developed applications of the Modeling Field Theory to financial markets and money management.

Dr. Perlovsky has worked in a number of areas including theoretical physics, quantum field theory, elementary particle physics, applied mathematics, information theory, estimation theory, operations research, signal processing, oil exploration, seismic wave propagation, psychology, vision, medical imaging, detection, pattern recognition, prediction, tracking and control, information fusion, philosophy of science, quantum computing, neural networks, data mining, semiotics. He lectures on mathematics of intelligence, including mathematics of emotional intelligence, and on science and religion. He participates in organizing international conferences on intelligent systems. He published more than 150 papers in scientific publications. His book "Neural networks and intellect: model-based concept" is being published by Oxford University Press (September, 2000).

Leonid Perlovsky received MS degree summa cum laude in physics from Novosibirsk University, Novosibirsk USSR in 1971 and Ph.D. degree in theoretical physics from Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow, USSR in 1975. From 1975 to 1978 he served as Assistant and Associate Professor of Physics at Novosibirsk University and Professor of Applied Mathematics at Siberian Engineering Institute. During 1979 and 1980 he served as Research Professor at New York University. From 1980 till 1985 he was Senior Research Specialist with Exxon Research and from 1985 till 1986 he was Principal Research Scientist with Advanced NMR Systems. He then came to Nichols Research, where he served as Chief Scientist and Senior Fellow till 1999. When Nichols Research was sold to CSC, in 1999, he co-founded and Ascent Capital Management. He has also served as a consultant to Software Foundry, MIT Computer Center, and MIT Earth Resources Laboratory. He passed series 66 examination (a security industry requirement for investment advisors) and Level I examination toward prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.




Valery Petrov

Dr. Petrov is Chief Technical Officer and member of Ascent Capital Management, LLC. He developed Ascent trading system including real-time financial data links and interfaces with the Modeling Field Theory algorithms. He has developed Ascent’s information elucidation system, which sorts through financial databases and extracts sources of information for market timing, prediction, and risk management. This proprietary system utilizes Dr. Petrov’s theory of control of patterns forming in the chaotic systems. For the Ascent’s information elucidation system Dr. Petrov combined his theory with MFT algorithms and other most advanced techniques: genetic algorithms, Bayesian analysis, regression, classification, resulting in an efficient tool that refines sources of information used as inputs to the Ascent trading system.

Previously, Dr. Petrov served as Senior Research Scientist with Applied Insurance Research, where he developed and applied numerical and statistical methods for risk estimation for insurance industry. As Research Associate with Physics Department, University of Texas at Austin, he supervised research projects and lectured a physics class for 120 students. He conducted research program in the field of nonlinear dynamics, pattern formation, and chaotic systems; his theory of control of the chaotic systems was published in a series of 25 journal articles (including 2 in Nature and 5 in Physical Review Letters) and it received 400 citations in the peer’s publications (this level of citations is often associated with works nominated for Nobel price).

Valery Petrov received MS degree summa cum laude in physics and applied mathematics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Department of Physical and Chemical Biology in 1990, and Ph.D. in Nonlinear Dynamics and Physical Chemistry from Department of Chemistry West Virginia University in 1995 (GPA: 4.00/4.00). He was a member of USSR team at 1985 international physics Olympiad. He passed series 66 examination (a security industry requirement for investment advisors) and Level I examination toward prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.



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